Cancellation Policy

 1. The contract shall be accompanied by a completed form in duplicate, captioned “NOTICE OF CANCELLATION,” which shall be attached to the contract and easily detachable, and which shall contain in at least ten-point bold type the following statement:


You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date the contract is signed.

If you cancel, any payment made by you under this contract will be returned within ten days following receipt by the seller of your cancellation notice.

To cancel this contract, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this cancellation notice, or any other written notice, to

________________________________________ (Name of Seller)

At ________________________________________ (Address of Seller)

________________________________________ (Place of Business)

Not later than midnight____________________ (Date)


_______________ (Date)

________________________________________ (Buyer’s Signature)”

2. A copy of the fully completed contract and all other documents the credit services business requires the consumer to sign shall be given by the credit services business to the consumer at the time they are signed.

1989, cc. 651, 655.